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in 2010

July 2010

Therry Theise Estate Selections - New York
über den Jahrgang 2009 Weingut Eugen Müller

"I sent some of the last winter drinking Müller�s 2008 Trockens, just to ensure I made sustainable claims for them. I was not disappointed. The estate remains below the trendiness radar - there is a bigger name in Forst.
But I like these forthright honest people, and their wines are exelent values and just like they themselves are.
The "sweet" stuff, though, especially anything from the Pechstein vineyard, is wonderfull, and I had THREE candidates for our hard core list.
müller at a Glance: This is a winery on the move, and the next few years will tell a new tale There�s a sensational collection of vineyards and a new energy in the cellar. This is what the Germans call an Aufsteiger, i.e. one who is climbing.

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in 2009

December, 2009

STATE MERIT PRIZE (Staatsehrenpreis) 2009
For our wine assortment in 2008 we were decorated with 10 gold medals and 4 silver medals and were honoured with a State Merit Prize for the overall quality of our output.

Verleihung des Staatsehrenpreises Staatsehrenpreis 2009

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November 2009

Der FEINSCHMECKER Riesling Cup 2009

2008 UNGEHEUER - FORST "IM ZIEGLER" Riesling Spätlese dry
We are very pleased to have been placed sixth in the German Riesling Cup and to have been adjudged the best Riesling from the Palatinate in 2009.
"The bouquet is marked by a clear and precise play of aromas of green and yellow fruits. On the palate the effect is intricate, the slender structure made up of a sparkling acidity and a balanced interplay of acidity and sweetness. The fruit aromas are somewhat understated in the mouth. Nevertheless: a riesling full of juice, light and tasty in character" (Der

Eichelmann: Deutschlands Weine (Germany's Wines) 2009
We are listed with three stars in the new edition of the Wine Guide: The 2001 vintage marked a quantum leap for the Eugen Müller Estate. The noble sweet wines from the 2002 vintage are among the best in the Palatinate for their year. The dry 2003 wines are all convincing and again provide a number of real bargains. And with his red wines, Stephan Müller has again reached a new level - another fantastic collection. The whole collection from the 2004 vintage shows true strength, whether white or red, dry or sweet. This was followed by a similar collection in 2005. The dry Spätlese from the Kirchenstück is overwhelming. The 2006 vintage was also of equal quality. The 2007 collection also carries conviction, with real class in both dry and sweet and red and white wines. The 2008 vintage presents an integrated collection with some strong full-bodied Spätlesen.

Gault Millau 2010
In 2001 the Eugen Müller Estate produced a number of Rieslings that proved that they know what they are doing. The red wines presented in 2004 were particularly good. The 2004 vintage again reached a high standard; there were wines of particular note both among the sweeter wines - two exceptional ice wines from Riesling and Pinot Blanc erreicht - and among the dry Rieslings. In 2005 zeigt Müller again presents a very tidy homogenous collection, a Beerenauslese from an earlier vintage being particularly noteworthy. 2006 was a difficult year, but there were no weaknesses among the dry Spätlesen. There were no weaknesses in 2007; this is the place to look for softer, fruity Rieslings. In 2008 again they didn't put a foot wrong, although more could have been expected from the Kirchenstück. The Barrot-wines receive a TOP grade with 87 and 88 points.

On-line Wine Guide Wein-Plus
The On-line Wine Guide lists our 2006 vintage with two stars. "Not exactly like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, but with a drum-roll Kurt and Stefan Müller announce their candidature for the elite among the Palatinate wine-growers. What they produced in 2004 far exceeds everything previously presented both in the integrity of their collection and its quality. Years of effort and knowledge of wine, coupled not least with their cultivation of some of the best locations, are now bearing their well-deserved fruit. Kirchenstück and Ungeheuer still clearly outstrip the Pechstein, but here too we can lookforward to further improvements. It is therefore a logical step for us to award them a second star; we congratulate them and look forward to the future vintages. Successful collection also followed in 2006. All the 2007 wines submitted were classed as very good!" An excellent collection followed in 2008.

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August 2009

The Grand Savoir-Vivre Wine Tasting

Our estate was singled out for praise in the grand "Savoir-Vivre Tasting of German Wines 2009".
The "2008 Kirchenstück Forst Cyriakus Riesling Spätlese trocken" achieved an 'excellent' grade for its quality with two VIVRE-suns with 87 points out of a maximum total of 100.

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July 2009

Therry Theise Estate Selections - New York on the Eugen Müller Estate's 2008 vintage

The last two vintages have been remarkable, and the 2008s are this estate�s apex, the best collection they have made. The spiffy new lable reflects the precise diligent nature of these modern, crushed-stone wines. If you attend to clarity and detail you�ll find these as lovely as I do.

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March 2009

Palatinate Barrique Forum
In the tasting by the Palatinate Barrique Forum our 2005 Barrot D, red wine QbA achieved the distinction of a "Great Wine".


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