Forster Kirchenstück

In the 18th century, the inhabitants of Forst erected the present parish church of St Margareta on a hill in this vineyard. In the Bavarian land survey of 1830 the 'Piece behind the church' was awarded the maximu points score of 65 for the quality of its soil.

The Kirchenstück enjoys a unique climatic position thanks to its location on the edge of the village.

The soil consists of bundsandstein gravel with limestone gravel, sandy clay and basalt. The only grape variety grown here is the Riesling. The wines produced here are complex, with a veritable potpourri of aromas, are full of juice, with good minerality and keep for a long time. Now as then, the wine connoisseur appreciates wines from this most valuable location in the Palatinate.

The total area of the vineyard encompasses 3.67 ha, we own 0.4 ha.


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