Actual Year 2017

After a warm and dry winter and spring the first sprouting of the vines was very early at the end of March. Unfortunately, in the very cold nights at the end of April/ beginning of May a part of the first sprouting froze. In the unoffended vineyards a warm May caused an early blossom – 3 weeks earlier than usual.

Due to the early ripening our harvest began already on the 31th of August with ideal weather conditions. Within about 4 weeks we harvested absolutely healthy, loose grapes. The results are worthy of notice. We are looking forward to presenting you fruity and elegant wines with mineral marks.

Yours Stephan Müller

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Current wine-list

Our estate concentrates on the classical grape varieties: In addition to Riesling other white varieties are cultivated; 13% of the total area is planted with red wine varieties. The dominant variety is Riesling which covers 77% of our total area.


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