Way back in 1767 the Wallbillich owned a cooperage in Forst. Besides producing barrels, the cooper Wallbillich also responsible for developing and bottling the wines for the wine-growers in the area (contract cooperage). The estate received its present name from Kurt Mueller's father, the master cooper Eugen Mueller who married into the Wallbillich family in 1935.

The development of cooperage to dealing in wine and then growing it started in 1952. That year a hailstorm destroyed the vine harvest in the Forst vineyards, so that the 30 new barrels Eugen Mueller had produced were no longer required. Eugen Mueller turned this crisis to his advantage by buying in grapes from other areas and developing the wine on his own account. During the next years he acquired more and more vineyards by lease and purchase which led finally in 1971 to the foundation of the Eugen Mueller estate. The company had already given up producing wooden casks a year before, but continued the contract cooperage until 1989.

Kurt Mueller completed his studies in 1971 in Geisenheim and has been running the estate ever since. In 2000 his son Stephan, who also graduated in viniculture at Geisenheim joined the family company. Both are committed to continuing the company philosophy of “uncompromising quality” and with this are producing some of the best wines in Germany.


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